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Emergency MGMT 2.0: How #SocialMedia & New Tech are Transforming Preparedness, Response, & Recovery #Disasters #Part1 #Privatesector

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Time: 10:00 AM Location: 311 Cannon House Office Building Subcommittee: Emergency Preparedness, Response, & Communications (113th Congress) Issue: Emergency Preparedness & Communications

  • Mr. Matthew Stepka, Vice President,
  • Mr. Jason Payne, Philanthropy Engineering Team Lead, Palantir Technologies
  • Mr. Michael Beckerman, President and CEO, The Internet Association
  • Mr. Jorge L. Cardenas, Vice President, Asset Management and Centralized Services, Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc.



Prepared Statement - Ranking Member Payne
Prepared Statement - Ranking Member Thompson

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