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March 2024
Ranking Members Thompson and Raskin Call on Chairmen Comer and Green to Reject DHS IG Cuffari’s Attempts to Evade Oversight
Congressmen Goldman, Thompson, Magaziner Lead Call for Biden Administration to Name Domestic Terrorism Director, Request Update on National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism
January 2024
Ranking Member Thompson Rips Republicans for “Inept and Inappropriate” Impeachment Process Ignoring Past Precedent and Due Process
Ranking Members Raskin and Thompson Call on DHS IG Cuffari to Cooperate with Congressional Investigation
August 2023
Thompson, Ramirez, Carter, Magaziner Request DHS & FBI Briefing on Threats to HBCUs After Jacksonville Shooting
Ranking Members Thompson and Ivey Request Hearing on DHS Inspector General
July 2023
Ranking Members Thompson and Raskin Demand Information on DHS Inspector General Cuffari’s Use of Taxpayer Funds for Retaliation Settlements
Thompson, Ivey Transmit Evidence to Archives for its Review into DHS IG’s Destruction of Federal Records
Ranking Members Raskin and Thompson Demand Answers from Coast Guard on Troubling Mishandling of Sexual Assaults at Academy
June 2023
Thompson, Ivey Call on DHS IG Cuffari to Resign After He Admits to Deleting Federal Records
March 2023
Ranking Member Ivey Requests Hearing on DHS Inspector General
February 2023
Thompson, Swalwell, Magaziner Request Briefing on Threats to Critical Infrastructure from Domestic Violent Extremists
December 2022
Thompson, Katko Urge TSA to Require CLEAR Passengers Have Identity Verified by TSA
Chairman Thompson Writes Coast Guard on its Failure to Properly Handle Sexual Assault Case
November 2022
Chairs Thompson, Maloney Request GAO Conduct Review of the Federal Government’s Water Sector Efforts
Thompson, Barragán, Grijalva, Castro Ask GAO to Review Reports of Border Patrol Not Returning Personal Property
October 2022
Chairs Maloney and Thompson Launch Formal Investigation into Mississippi Governor’s Distribution of Federal Funds for Water System Repairs in Jackson
August 2022
Chairs Thompson and Clarke Demand Twitter CEO Address Whistleblower Allegations
Homeland Security, Energy & Commerce Leaders Write Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Dirty Bomb Threat After Government Report Exposes Security Gaps
Thompson & Nadler Send Letter Requesting Information on Government Purchase of Americans’ Private Data
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