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October 2023
CyberTalk: Cybersecurity Awareness Month insights and analysis
November 2022
CNN: Domestic terrorism is a threat we can’t ignore
October 2022
The Hill: Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights the importance of improving US cybersecurity
July 2021
Washington Post: We have started investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Nothing will be off-limits.
January 2021
CNN: Why the Senate must confirm Biden's Homeland Security pick on Day 1
June 2020
The Clarion Ledger: Mississippi needs to ensure safe, equal access to ballot box in November
April 2020
USA Today: Create Coronavirus Commission now to review pandemic response
March 2020
BuzzFeed News: False Claims, Families In Danger: This Isn't A First For The Trump Administration
February 2020
The Hill: Commitments to diversity in national security must go beyond Black History Month
November 2019
The Clarion-Ledger: Trump still owes us answers on Mississippi ICE raids, lack of business prosecutions
September 2019
The Hill: We need the full picture on domestic terrorism
July 2019
The Hill: Social media companies are failing to stop the spread of terrorism online
Medium: No More Excuses from Administration on Border Facility Conditions
July 2018
The Hill: Family reunification deadline puts spotlight on crisis the administration created at the border
March 2018
USA Today: TRUMP SLUMP: His racially charged, xenophobic words hurt our economy. Will that make him stop?
February 2018
Roll Call: The Russians — and the Midterms — Are Coming
October 2017
Huffington Post: One Month Since Maria Hit Puerto Rico, President Trump Must Commit To Long Term Recovery
July 2017
Washington Post: Vacancies in federal cybersecurity directorate leave the U.S. more vulnerable
June 2017
The Hill: Trump’s budget decimates our local first responders
February 2017
Black Press USA: Independent Commission Must Investigate President Trump’s Potential Russian Ties
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