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July 2012
Thompson Requests More Info on Maritime Cargo Screening
April 2012
CISPA Needs Privacy Safeguards
March 2012
Thompson, Jackson-Lee Request GAO Audit of Full-Body Scanners
January 2012
Thompson Inquiries on 2012 DHS Grant Funding Allocations
Thompson, King Press Speaker on Homeland Jurisdiction
December 2011
Comment for Small Business Size and Status Rule
Geographic Diversity Needed at Coast Guard Academy
November 2011
Thompson Inquires on Racial Profiling
Thompson, Richmond: Action Needed on Recoupment Letters
TSA Should Extend Upcoming TWIC Renewals
Reps. Thompson, Markey, Jackson-Lee Query TSA on Missed Deadline for Screening Cargo on U.S.-Bound Passenger Planes
October 2011
Thompson Writes Deficit Committee on Deficit Reduction, Creating Jobs and Enhancing Security
September 2011
Cybersecurity Proposals Should Go Through Regular Committee Process
Thompson Requests Hearings on American Jobs Act
Homeland Security Jurisdiction Must Be Consolidated
Rep. Richmond and Others Write Speaker on Disaster Relief Funding
August 2011
TSA 'Chat-Downs' Need Proper Validation
July 2011
Thompson Inquires on CFATS Risk Assessment Errors
June 2011
Thompson Inquires on TSA Report Exposing Racial Profiling at Airports
May 2011
Homeland Dems Request Hearings to Address Grant Cuts