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September 2020
Thompson, Rose Demand Documents from DHS on Withheld 2020 Campaign Interference Intelligence Report, Request Watchdog Investigation
August 2020
Thompson, Maloney Urge DHS IG Review Homeland Security Actions Under Wolf, Cuccinelli
Thompson and Rice Write CBP Questioning Border Wall Contract with Fisher
Chairman Thompson Requests Investigation into Chad Wolf for Hatch Act Violation
Chairman Thompson Demands Documents from DHS on Interactions with We Build the Wall
Thompson and Rice Demand USCIS Delay Needless Furlough
Thompson and Rice Demand DHS Comply with Trusted Traveler Investigation
July 2020
Thompson & Rose Demand Documents from DHS After Intelligence Reports Compiled on Journalists
As COVID-19 Stretches FEMA Thin and Hurricane and Wildfire Seasons Ramp Up, House and Senate Committee Leaders Demand Administration Work to Fill Neglected Senior Leadership Vacancies at the Agency
Homeland Democrats Demand Documents from DHS on Trump Administration Deployment in Portland
Nadler, Thompson & Maloney Call for IG Investigation Into Trump Administration Use of Force Against Protestors
Thompson and Rice Urge DHS and CBP to Halt Deployment of Officers to Southwest Border
Waters, Smith, Engel, Thompson and Pallone Seek Information on Trump Administration Failures to Boost Production of PPE and Testing As COVID-19 Cases Spike
Chairman Thompson Writes DHS on Sharp Increase of COVID-19 Cases at the Department
Thompson and Correa Call on TSA to Make Masks Mandatory
Chairman Thompson Demands Documents from DHS on Statue Protection ‘Task Force’
Thompson Demands U.S. Coast Guard Ban Confederate Flag
June 2020
Chairman Thompson Demands FBI Director Provide Documents and Agree to Testify
Thompson Demands Documents Regarding Nigel Farage Travel to the United States to Attend Trump Rally
Chairman Thompson Writes DHS on Temperature Check Plan