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June 2017
Thompson to DHS: Produce Clear Guidance on Travel Ban
Homeland Dems to DHS Sec. Kelly: Don’t Back Down on Protecting Election Infrastructure
House Democratic Leaders, Ranking Members Urge Attorney General Sessions & White House Counsel to Reverse Unprecedented Policy to Not Respond to Democratic Requests
Congress Must Act After Another Domestic Terrorist Attack
May 2017
Homeland Dems to DHS: Do Not Appoint Sheriff Clarke
THOMPSON & RICHMOND TO TRUMP: Do Not Politicize Cyber Program to Shift Narrative on Classified Info
Richmond, Payne Request Hearings on Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Sector
Thompson, Payne, Watson Coleman Inquire on Newark CBP Hazing & Sexual Assault Allegations
April 2017
Democrats Push Trump Administration to Protect the Education of Undocumented Children
March 2017
Thompson: Hearing, Legislation Needed to Protect Religious Institutions from Domestic Terrorism
Reps. Thompson, Vela, Payne: Reject Cruel and Misguided Plan to Separate Mothers & Children
House Democrats Formally Request that Homeland Security Secretary Kelly Brief Caucus on President Trump’s Executive Orders, Immigration Policies
February 2017
Thompson: Intel Professionals Must Not Be Used as Political Pawns to Fulfill Misguided Campaign Promises
Thompson Inquires on Troubling Domestic Flight ID Check Incident at JFK
Homeland Security Democrats: DHS Must Explain Deportation Plans to American People
Top Dems Request Info from WH Counsel on Flynn’s False Statements
Thompson, Engel, Conyers Write AG to Demand Answers on Reported Trump Plan to Target Islam
Top Dems Call on Pentagon to Investigate Flynn’s Payment for Dining with Putin
January 2017
Dem Ranking Members: Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Must be Functional
December 2016
Hoyer, National Security Ranking Members Send Letter to President Obama Urging Briefings on Russian Interference in U.S. Election