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Protecting Your Personal Data: How Law Enforcement Works With the Private Sector to Prevent Cybercrime

Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Paul Peck Alumni Center, Drexel University, 3142 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 Subcommittee: Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, & Security Technologies (113th Congress) Issue: Privacy, Civil Rights, & Civil Liberties, Cybersecurity



  • Mr. Ari Baranoff, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Investigative Division, United States Secret Service
  • Mr. Richard Quinn, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Philadelphia Field Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Mr. Jack Whelan, District Attorney, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Mr. Ted Peters, Chairman and CEO, Bryn Mawr Trust
  • Mr. Thomas Litchford, Vice President of Retail Technology, National Retail Federation
  • Mr. Matthew Rhoades, Director, Cyberspace & Security Program, Truman National Security Project & Center for National Policy


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Media contact: Adam Comis at (202) 225-9978