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July 10, 2017

Vacancies in federal cybersecurity directorate leave the U.S. more vulnerable

Regarding the June 28 news article “Ukraine fares worst as cyberattack sweeps Europe with ransom demands”:

It should be noted that there are numerous vacancies in the Department of Homeland Security and its National Protection and Programs Directorate, which is charged with protecting U.S. cyber-infrastructure.

President Trump was quick to install most Cabinet heads. Hundreds of other positions, including deputies who ensure the government is running, have not been filled. NPPD has no permanent undersecretary, depriving the national security infrastructure of the leadership, expertise and response capability it needs.

Cybersecurity is not a top priority for this administration, and Mr. Trump fails to respond to ongoing attacks with necessary urgency. The White House must ensure we have the right people at the helm to defend our country and its institutions the next time Russia or another actor comes at us. 

Bennie G. Thompson, Washington

The writer, a Democrat from Mississippi, is the ranking member on the House Committee
on Homeland Security.

By:  Ranking Member Thompson
Source: Washington Post