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February 2019
Chairman Thompson Introduces Bill to Improve DHS Workforce Morale
October 2018
Thompson Introduces Coast Guard Academy Diversity Reform Legislation
September 2018
Thompson Introduces HBCU and Homeland Security Partnership Legislation
February 2018
Vela Announces Introduction of the Border and Ports Security Act
November 2017
Rep. Watson Coleman Announces Legislation to Enhance Security of Surface Transportation Assets
Thompson Introduces Air Cargo Security Legislation
July 2017
House Passes Landmark Department of Homeland Security Authorization
June 2017
Bill to Improve Workforce Morale at DHS Passes House
May 2017
Thompson, Lowey Introduce Bill to Improve TSA Frontline Workforce
April 2017
Congressman Thompson Introduces Bill To Protect Daniela Vargas
March 2017
Legislation Introduced to Help Protect JCCs, Non-Profits
Thompson, Grassley Introduce American Red Cross Transparency Act
January 2017
DHS Security Clearance Legislation Passes House
December 2016
Bill to Enhance DHS Overseas Operations Passes House
May 2016
Legislation Introduced to Expand DHS Overseas Efforts to Prevent Terrorist Travel, Add 2000 Officers to CBP Workforce
February 2016
Thompson, Lowey Introduce Bill to Grant Rights to the TSA Frontline Workforce
November 2015
Security Clearance Legislation Passes House
July 2015
Bipartisan Legislation Passes House to Address TSA Expedited Screening Vulnerabilities
Thompson Markup Statement on H.R. 2899
June 2015
First Bill to Address Security Implications of Drones Passes House