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Media Advisories

April 2022
WEDNESDAY: Homeland Security Budget Hearing with Secretary Mayorkas
TODAY: Hearing on Examining Title 42 and Restoring Asylum at the Border
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Cybersecurity Hearing on Maturing Public-Private Partnerships to Secure U.S. Infrastructure
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Hearing on Securing Critical Infrastructure Against Russian Cyber Threats (updated)
March 2022
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Joint Hearing on Assessing DHS’s Efforts to Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems
TOMORROW @ 10AM – Hearing on the Targeting of Black Institutions: From Church Violence to HBCU Bomb Threats
TOMORROW @ 2PM: Hearing on the Court-Ordered Reimplementation of the Remain in Mexico Policy
February 2022
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Hearing on FEMA Workforce Challenges
TODAY @ 2PM: Hearing on Private Sector Investment in the Northern Triangle and Homeland Security Impact
TOMORROW @ 2PM: Hearing on the Increase in Firearms Intercepted at TSA Checkpoints
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Joint Hearing on the Nonprofit Security Grant Program and Protecting Houses of Worship with the American Jewish Community
January 2022
NEXT WEEK: Hearing on the Implications of the Dynamic Terrorism Landscape
TODAY @ 2PM: Hearing on Threats to Election Infrastructure & Voter Confidence
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Joint Hearing on FEMA Workforce Challenges
TODAY @ 2PM: Hearing on Assessing the State of America’s Seaports
November 2021
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Joint Hearing on DHS’s Role in Combatting Ransomware
TOMORROW @ 2PM: Congressional Hearing with Workforce Leaders on the State of Transportation Security
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Hearing on the Administration’s Cybersecurity Agenda with National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and CISA Director Jen Easterly
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Congressional Hearing to Examine the Nation’s Emergency Communications Systems
October 2021
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Congressional Hearing on Ensuring Equity in FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery