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Press Releases

September 2020
Chairman Thompson Statement on Whistleblower Complaint Alleging ICE Detention Center Medical Neglect, Unsanitary Conditions
Chairman Thompson Subpoenas Chad Wolf After Refusal to Testify
Thompson Statement Marking 19 Years Since the September 11 Terror Attacks
Chairman Thompson Statement on DHS Whistleblower Allegations
Chairman Thompson: Trump Administration Continues to Politicize Homeland Security and Law Enforcement, Ignore Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism Threat
Thompson Statement on National Preparedness Month
August 2020
Chairman Thompson Statement on Trump Plan to Nominate Chad Wolf as Homeland Security Secretary
Thompson and Maloney Release Statement After GAO Reaffirms Decision that Trump’s Top DHS Appointments Were Illegal
Thompson Statement After Bannon Charged with Fraud in Wall Campaign
Chairman Thompson: Chad Wolf Continues to Politicize DHS
Thompson and Maloney Release GAO Decision Confirming Trump’s Top DHS Appointments Were Illegal
One Year After Mississippi ICE Raids, Administration Finally Charges Employers
July 2020
Thompson Statement on DHS’ Refusal to Restart DACA Program
Thompson and Rice Announce Investigation After Administration Gave Inaccurate Testimony to Congress About Political Attack on New York
Chairman Thompson Announces Hearing Next Week on DHS Police Actions Threatening Our Democracy
DOJ & DHS IGs Launch Investigation into Trump Administration Use of Force Against Protestors After Nadler, Thompson & Maloney Demand Investigation
Chairman Thompson Writes DHS, FBI, NCTC on Their Refusal to Brief the Committee
Thompson: Election Officials Need More Funding to Secure the November Election
Smith, Thompson, Nadler Joint Statement on Trump Administration’s Action in Portland
Thompson: Administration’s Violent Actions in Portland are an Un-American Affront to Democracy