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Press Releases

February 2015
Thompson: Pass a Clean DHS Bill Now
Thompson on Secret Service Director Appointment
DHS Needs Full-Year Funding to Address High-Risk Programs
Thompson Hearing Statement – Countering Violent Islamist Extremism: The Urgent Threat of Foreign Fighters and Homegrown Terror
Thompson Statement on Anthem Breach
DHS Funding Games Impact Local First Responder Grants
Thompson Statement on FY 2016 Budget Request for DHS
January 2015
CBP Must Improve Supply Chain Security Policies
TSA Should Reverse Decision to Redact Report
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Air Marshal
Thompson Welcomes New Democratic Members and Subcommittee Ranking Members
Chairmen, Ranking Members Release Statements on President's Cybersecurity Information Sharing Proposal
Thompson Floor Statement Opposing the Consideration of the GOP's DHS Spending Bill
Thompson Statement on Republican Homeland Security Funding Bill
Thompson Statement on the Terrorist Threat and the Need to Fund DHS
Thompson, Cummings, Conyers Issue Statement Renewing Call for Police Reform Hearings
December 2014
Thompson Statement on Secret Service Panel Report
TSA Uses Discredited Behavior Detection Program to Provide PreCheck Screening
Thompson Statement Opposing CRomnibus
Hearing Statement of Ranking Member Thompson - Immigration Reform