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Press Releases

April 2014
TSA Body Scanners Must be Utilized Effectively
Thompson Statement on Chemical Safety Board Preliminary Findings
One Year On – Boston Strong
March 2014
Training, Communications Must Improve After LAX Shooting
Congresswoman Jackson Lee & Chairman McCaul to Hold Houston Field Hearing on Human Trafficking in the U.S.
Thompson Hearing Statement: The President's FY2015 Budget Request for the Department of Homeland Security
Thompson Announces Committee Staff Changes
Deepwater Horizon Report: 90% of Recommendations Not Complete
February 2014
Thompson Statement – Hearing with Secretary Johnson
Thompson Statement on DHS License Plate Reader Solicitation
January 2014
Thompson Statement on Privacy Board Report Recommendations for NSA Metadata Program
Thompson Statement on Proposed NSA Reforms
Hearing Statement of Ranking Member Thompson
Cruise Ship Safety and Security Improving Two Years After Costa Concordia Tragedy
Test Blog Post
December 2013
Thompson Statement on Secret Service Report
Thompson Statement on NSA Review Group Report
Thompson: DHS Financial Audit a Step in the Right Direction
November 2013
TSA Behavior Detection Program Should be Defunded
Thompson Statement: Hearing on ACA Security/Privacy