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Press Releases

September 2013
Report: TSA Progressing on Mass Transit Security
Affordable Care Act Data Hub is Ready and Secure
Thompson Statement on the 12th Anniversary of September 11
TSA Announces Expansion of Expedited Screening
August 2013
Report: TSA Worker Credentialing Office Needs Improvement
Thompson Commends Obama for Chemical Facility Security Executive Order
July 2013
Report: TSA Must Apply Misconduct Policies Uniformly
Thompson Statement on TSA PreCheck Announcement
Thompson Statement on Departure of Secretary Napolitano
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement – "Assessing Attacks on the Homeland: From Fort Hood to Boston"
Report Shows Reform Needed for TSA Contract Screening Program
June 2013
Thompson Statement on Senate Passage of Immigration Reform
Report: DHS Must Do More to Meet its Cybersecurity Responsibilities
Thompson Statement on NSA Surveillance Programs
TSA Behavior Detection Program Not Objective, Lacks Strategic Plan
Thompson Statement on TSA Announcement Keeping Knives Prohibited Onboard Planes
May 2013
Thompson Marks the Start of Hurricane Season
Improper Oversight of CBP Helicopter Conversion Has Led to Delays, Higher Costs
TSA Announces All AIT Machines are Equipped with Privacy Filters
DOJ Report: Known Terrorists Not Put on Watch Lists