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Press Releases

October 2012
CBO Report on Homeland Security Budget Shows Consolidation Not Complete
Thompson, Jackson-Lee Inquire on TSA Insider Threat Policies
Cross-Border Tunnel Detection Tech Needs Further Development and Oversight
September 2012
FEMA National Level Exercises Lessons Not Realized
GAO: DHS Info Sharing Showing Progress
GAO: FPS Lagging Behind In Progress of Securing Gov Facilities
Thompson Statement on the Eleventh Anniversary of September 11
August 2012
Thompson Statement on Hurricane Isaac
Thompson Statement on Agreement for TSA Worker Protections
Secure Communities Program Needs Focused Implementation
July 2012
Thompson Statement - Hearing with Secretary Napolitano and Director Olsen
Known Crewmember Program to Include Flight Attendants
GAO: Federal Hiring Security Clearance Guidelines Need Revamp
June 2012
GAO: DHS Can Improve on Critical Infrastructure Protection Efforts
FEMA Must Implement Delayed Personnel Management Systems
Thompson Hearing Statement on Hearings on Radicalization in the Muslim Community
New TWIC Policy Means A Less-Costly and Burdensome Option for Nation's Port and Transportation Security Workers
CBP Border Drone Program Suffers from Budget and Planning Shortfalls
Thompson Statement Opposing FY2013 DHS Appropriations Act
May 2012
Thompson Marks Start of Hurricane Season