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Press Releases

April 2018
Thompson: DHS Media Monitoring Proposal Deserves Strict Scrutiny
Thompson Statement on President Trump Wanting to Send the Military to the Border
March 2018
Thompson, Ellison Statement on Trump Ending Liberian Immigration Program
Thompson Statement on Omnibus
Thompson Statement on Election Security Funds in Omnibus
Thompson Demands Election Security Hearings After Homeland Security Chairman Backtracks
Thompson, Richmond, Jackson Lee: Austin Bombings Must Be Classified as Terrorist Attacks
Thompson Statement on the Firing of Andrew McCabe
Thompson Statement on Long Overdue Russian Sanctions
Thompson Statement on State Department Inaction to Counter Russian Election Meddling
February 2018
Brady, Thompson: Trump Abdicating His Oath of Office By Refusing to Act on Election Security
Thompson Statement on Russian Mueller Indictments
Thompson Statement on FBI’s Failure to Follow Established Protocols
Hearing on Election Security and Russian Interference Needed
Thompson Statement on Florida School Shooting
Election Security Task Force Releases Final Report & Recommendations
Thompson Statement on Trump’s Homeland Security Budget Request
Election Security Task Force Chairs Release Statement on Secretary Tillerson Comments on Russia Already Interfering in This Year’s Elections
Homeland Security Dems: FEMA Disaster Contracting Needs Reform
Thompson Cosponsors Bill to Crack Down on Domestic Terrorism