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Press Releases

July 2016
Thompson Statement Opposing FAA Extension
June 2016
Thompson Remembers Charleston Shooting, Renews Call for Hearing on Domestic Terrorism
Republican Bill Just an Empty Gesture After Orlando
Thompson Statement on Orlando Mass Shooting
May 2016
Bipartisan Bill to Ease Congestion at TSA Screening Checkpoints
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement on TSA Lines
April 2016
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement on Guantanamo
GOP Bill Ignores Domestic Terrorism Threat
Thompson Statement on the Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings
March 2016
Statement on Attacks in Brussels
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement - FY2017 DHS Budget
February 2016
DHS Budget Reflects Cuts to Homeland Security First Responders
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement on Visa Security & Refugee Vetting
January 2016
Ebola Report Shows We Still Don’t Know Who’s In Charge
December 2015
Thompson Statement on the Cybersecurity Act of 2015
Thompson Statement on Visa Waiver Legislation
Thompson Statement on the President's Address to the Nation
Hoyer, Lofgren, Thompson Announce Support for Visa Waiver Program Improvement Bill
November 2015
Nonpartisan Watchdog Releases Report on BioWatch Terror Surveillance Warning System
Thompson Statement Opposing GOP Refugee Legislation