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Press Releases

February 2017
Ranking Member Thompson Statement on ICE Raids
GAO High-Risk List: DHS Showing Improvement
Thompson Statement on the Resignation of National Security Advisor Flynn
Thompson Statement on Unanimous Ruling Against Trump Administration Muslim Ban
Congress Must Protect Electoral Systems & Preserve Election Assistance Commission
January 2017
Homeland Security Committee Ranking Members Announced
Top House Judiciary, Foreign Affairs & Homeland Security Democrats Call for Meeting with Homeland Security Secretary; Raise Concerns Over Immigration Executive Order
Thompson Statement on the Effects of Trump's Executive Order
Trump Ends His First Week How He Began His Campaign: Sowing Fear and Embracing Stereotypes
Thompson: Executive Order Amounts to Mere Political Theater
Statement on DHS Secretary Confirmation
Secret Service Racial Bias Case Finally Resolved
DHS to Designate Election Systems as Critical Infrastructure Subsector
Thompson Statement on Intelligence Community Report
Thompson: Taxpayers Will Pay for Border Wall Broken Campaign Promise
December 2016
Thompson, Smith, Cummings, Conyers, Engel, Hoyer, Schiff Joint Statement Calling for a Comprehensive Investigation of Russian Interference in the 2016 Election
Thompson Statement on Kelly Nomination to Run DHS
Report: Oversight of Private Detention Centers Must Improve
November 2016
Thompson: National Security Selections Deeply Troubling
Republicans Cave to Trump In Push For Another CR