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Press Releases

October 2019
Chairman Thompson Statement on Convoluted White House Scheme to Install Cuccinelli as Acting DHS Secretary
Chairman Thompson Subpoenas DHS Acting Secretary McAleenan and NCTC Acting Director Travers
Chairman Cummings’ Aviation Security Bill Approved by Homeland Security Committee
Chairman Thompson Underscores Counterterrorism Priorities After Returning from Mideast
Bicameral Legislation Introduced Blocking Trump’s Doral Corruption
Chairman Thompson Statement on McAleenan’s Departure From DHS
September 2019
Groundbreaking Domestic Terrorism Legislation Passes House
Chairman Thompson on Whistleblower Complaint: We Must Do More to Secure Our Elections
Thompson Statement on DHS Strategy for Combating Terrorism and Targeted Violence
Thompson: New National Security Advisor Must Bring Back Cyber Coordinator Position
Thompson Statement Marking 18 Years Since the September 11 Terror Attacks
Chairman Thompson Statement on FBI & DHS Refusal to Testify
Thompson & Rogers Joint Statement After 8chan Deposition
Thompson Statement on Trauma of Children Caused by Trump Administration Family Separation
Thompson Statement on Trump Taking Billions from Military to Pay for Wall
August 2019
Thompson: Reckless for Trump Administration to Divert Funding from TSA and FEMA to Pay for ICE Indefinite Detention of Families and Children
Thompson Statement on CISA Strategic Intent
Thompson Statement on Trump Administration Plan for Indefinite Detention of Children and Families
Thompson & Rogers Announce Subpoena of 8chan Owner Watkins
Thompson Delivers Remarks at Homeland Security Forum on Faith-Based Communities in Jackson Mississippi